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High Cotton Farms :: Kiko Goats, Daylillies & Skull Mounts
3113 Magnolia Drive, Rayville, LA 71259
(Half mile South of Start, LA exit on East side of Hwy 133)

Walter and Sheila Cotton
318-805-8215 or 318-237-7333
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As our business, High Cotton Farms, grows and expands, so will our website. We hope you'll check back often to see what we have to offer. Our farm is somewhat unique because we offer a combination of items that, at first glance, seem very opposite. My wife and I have diverse hobbies which, due to demand, have become a business.

I enjoy hunting SO... I wrote a guide to home deer processing and prepare European skull mounts. We both enjoy working in the yard, gardening, and landscaping SO... we started a small commercial daylily garden. We both enjoy raising animals SO... we raised chickens for eggs and meat, bred pigs for sale, and are working to build a herd of meat goats. I dare say, there are not many farms where you can take your trophy deer head to be European mounted, buy a guide to skin and butcher your harvest, pick up a dozen eggs, buy live flowers for your wife, and a couple baby goat kids for your children. Diversity is the spice of life!

We hope no matter what aspect of our farm brought you to this website you will stay and check out the rest of the pages. We hope you will find it interesting and maybe even educational.

The main purposes of this site is to inform our customers of availability of sale items and, because we both work, our availability. Unfortunately, we cannot be open like a regular business. If you are local, feel free to stop by if you see us home, mostly on weekends and after 6:00pm on weekdays. If you must drive a ways please call or email first to set up an appointment.